Rungwe, Tanzania

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Rungwe, Tanzania

This 5 year project, which started in 2014, was funded by the Harris Freeman Foundation and by the Fair Development Fund, which was setup by a major UK Retailer and a major UK Charity.

How we helped

The project also consists of 3 non-financial stakeholders. These are:

  • The Rungwe Smallholder Tea Growers Association (as the producer of the tea through a consortium of 12,000+ small holder farmers)
  • The Wakulima Tea Company (as the processor of the black tea produced by these small-holder farmers)
  • Keith Spicer Limited (as the buyer/blender/packer of the tea)

The objectives of the project were fourfold:

  • Rehabilitation of a discreet 37 ha communal tea field owned by 126 smallholders which can also be used as a demonstration area.
  • To increase efficiency and sustainability in production – through best practice agriculture husbandry training
  • To enable farmers to achieve higher quality crops and rely less on commercial fertilizers
  • To improve smallholder farmer livelihoods

We have:

  • Rejuvenated the 37 ha plot and provided intensive training to the 126 farmers
  • Trained 150 lead trainers who have in turn passed along and provided training to the 12,000 small holder farmers in the local tea growers association on the latest tea husbandry techniques. A second village plot was later added and this was also fully rejuvenated. Results have been better than expected with the project area producing higher quality tea and higher yield. We also planted over 3,000 trees for shade and frost mitigation.
trees planted
smallholders helped
lead trainers

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