Da Nang, Vietnam

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Da Nang, Vietnam

During the Vietnam War (1962-1971), 20 million gallons of “Agent Orange,” a chemical herbicide, were dropped in Vietnam. It was originally dropped to defoliate the jungle areas and stop the Viet Cong from using the jungle trails to transport supplies to the front line. Inadvertently, the ground water used by the local farming communities was poisoned. As a result, over 400,000 Vietnamese were poisoned or maimed and since then, over 500,000 children have been born with birth defects or abnormalities.

How we helped

In the 1990s, the Vietnamese Army had successfully used the Hubbard method for Detoxification to build up the weak muscles of ex-service men who had been affected by Agent Orange. Convinced that this technique should be available to the masses, The Da Nang Association of Victims of Agent Orange (DAVA) wanted to set up a clinic that would use the Hubbard method to treat Da Nang citizens.

Harris Freeman felt compelled to partner with DAVA and help fund the clinic.

In 2014, the Harris Freeman Foundation built a 2-story, 180 square-meter clinic. The clinic includes:

  • A steam room that utilizes the Hubbard method of Detoxification to detoxify 30 patients every 3 weeks
  • A pharmacy to disperse medication and vitamins to patients and help them build up their immune systems
  • An exercise room to help patients exercise their muscles
  • A lab to help monitor the health of patients
  • A staff of doctors and pharmacists trained specifically to treat patients affected by Agent Orange

Hundreds of applications have been submitted by patients. These applications are reviewed by a panel of doctors to ensure that the worst effected patients are given treatment first.

The project was inaugurated in April 2014 by senior officials from Harris Freeman, one of our key customers and the local province.

In 2017 the clinic asked us to look at funding an extension to the building to double the capacity of patients. this was duly carried out and the clinic now helps many more children from the local area.

The Foundation has an ongoing relationship with DAVA and regularly supplies medical products from the USA.

project inaugurated
square-meter clinic built
patients treated every three weeks

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