Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to impact the lives of source farm communities through a multi-pronged approach, with focused commitment to three critical areas:

Health & Safety  •   Education   •   Sustainability

We support our farm communities through direct financial contributions and development projects, as well as sustainable production practices with respect for the environment.

Our field representatives visit the growing areas on a regular basis and witness the environment and living conditions of these farming communities. With the assistance of local communities, suppliers and other local organizations, we identify the prime needs of each area and work directly with key stakeholders to oversee the distribution of funds and progression of donations.

Who is Harris Freeman?

Harris Freeman & Co., Inc. is a privately held, US minority owned business with a diversified portfolio of investments spanning tea, spices, flexible packaging and IT Software.  Harris Spice is global spice company with strength in sustainable spice sourcing in key spice growing regions. Harris Tea is the leading private label tea manufacturer in the US with a full portfolio of specialty beverage brands to meet the needs of today’s diverse consumers.  Keith Spicer Ltd. is a UK supplier of branded and private label tea. Cherokee Manufacturing manufactures and supplies high quality erosion control products & nursery supplies. The Acme bag Company supply bulk bags and specialist materials for the food and agricultural industries. iRely is a leading provider of intuitive, innovative, enterprise software solutions for the commodities markets. The Harris Freeman Foundation is a non-profit organization created to enhance the lives of the communities where Harris Freeman sources products and raw materials by offering support in education, health, safety, sustainability, and general well-being.

For more information on Harris Freeman & Co., Inc. visit www.harrisfreeman.com/

Harris Tea Company www.harristea.com

Harris Spice www.harrisspice.com

Keith Spicer Ltd. www.keith-spicer.co.uk

Cherokee Manufacturing  www.cherokeemfg.com/

Acme Bag Company www.cherokeemfg.com/acmebag/home/

iRely www.iRely.com

We support our farm communities through direct financial contributions and development projects